30 Perfect Navy Blue and White Living Room Design Ideas

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Glittering oceans, summer skies, sapphire jewels – there’s no denying that there’s something really beautiful about the colour blue. So, it’s no surprise that blue is set to be one of the most popular shades to use in a living room this year.

A lick of the right blue paint can make a room feel tranquil, fresh or sophisticated, but choosing the right hue can be daunting – especially when there are so many paint and accessory shades available.

Blue living rooms will forever be a favourite lounge room colour scheme and the chameleon hue offers a variety of vibes. A moody dark blue can be used to make a large living room feel more intimate whilst a punchy royal blue living room channels a modern aesthetic.

Or there are the more toned down versions which are equally notable. Where would we be without a classic blue and white lounge colour palette which instantly evokes thoughts of beachy Hamptons days or a duck egg blue living room which provides the perfect country look. If you’re set on this colour scheme, here are some blue living room ideas which might give you food for thought.

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