45 DIY Halloween Office Desk Decorating Ideas

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Halloween office desk decorating ideas can help you make the best of your office for the holidays. If you have not looked at your desk in a few months, it is definitely time to give it some spookiness. There are many different styles and themes that will reflect this change in decor.

One of the most popular office desk decorating ideas that have been used for years is to put up paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are more than just a decoration on the wall, they are actually a safety hazard. If you use a candle with too many oil drops, or too much glue, the paper could catch fire. Be careful where you leave the candle and how you extinguish it. Most of these can now be bought inexpensively at your local craft store.

A fun idea that requires little effort is hanging a spider web on the back of the office table. If you purchase an inexpensive Styrofoam base for your table, you can easily cover the tabletop in black plastic or black paint. A small magnet will be needed to hold the web to the table. This can also be a fun activity to do with kids.

Another fun and inexpensive project are to make a skeletal hand out of paper and glue. You can get quite elaborate with these, but they will need a lot of glue to make. Cut out pictures of monsters, ghosts, and pumpkins from the Halloween card catalog and glue each piece to the base of your desk. After that, glue on a few spider webs and you have a creepy skeletal hand resting on your desk.

If you want a truly terrifying centerpiece, use the ghoulish head of a skewer with a piece of garlic clamped to the side. Skeleton hands look the most frightening when they are glowing. Using a red bulb as the light source, carefully attach the pieces of garlic to the top of each hand. You can make them glow by having a glow necklace around the neck. If you want to go with a really old-school style, use white paper covered in black ink and smear a face in front of the glow eyes.

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