33 Beautiful Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

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If you’re starting, coming up with a plan for decorating your living room for Christmas can seem daunting. After all, with so much to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this season of joy and charity. But if you plan out your strategy, putting up the decorations can be enjoyable, and the whole family can (and should) participate.

We’ve asked some of the best designers and companies for some Christmas decoration suggestions to make the process easier. Check these out, make a list, prepare to shop, and usher in wonderful, life-altering experiences.

Foliage is another must-have item for the Christmas season. Luxury floral designer Ronny Colbie (opens in new tab) states, “I feel that every good floral arrangement starts with the proper vase or vessel.” Choose a vase in colors and styles that complement your Christmas decor. A nice touch for your family and guests is to have a consistent decor motif from room to room and table to table.

Ronny recommends finding or gathering greenery that can be used year-round as the foundation for all of your arrangements. Anything that smells good and dries well, like English pine, holly, twigs, winter eucalyptus, etc. As long as you have a solid foundation of foliage, you can add blooms as you see fit and replace them as they die. Pick amaryllis, hydrangeas, or winter berries if you want blooms that last a long time. You can add some texture with some dried fruits and little ornaments.

Don’t be shy about using color if that’s your thing. Get creative this holiday season, and don’t be afraid to use lots of colors, whether on your tree or in the pampas grass you use to decorate your fireplace. Do it yourself (and save money!) by stringing lights on your tree this holiday season.

Foliage is often mentioned when discussing ways to decorate stairs for Christmas, but it can also be used well. “The trendy mantelscape trend offers a fantastic chance to experiment with Christmas décor,” explains Abi. Hang ornaments and garlands from a garland of evergreens that you’ve fastened to the mantel. Hang things at different heights and use a variety of matte and shiny finishes to create a well-balanced, varied holiday ambiance.

Festive baubles are a quick and easy way to spruce up any house room for the holidays. You may also use these to decorate your door for the holidays.

You can also decorate cabinet door handles, table lamps, and floor lamps with wonderful ornaments from your collection. Wayfair’s in-house fashion expert Nadia McCowan Hill recommends hanging unusual ornaments from velvet ribbons of varying lengths to create a whimsical focal point (opens in new tab).

Put away the jewelry; now is the time to get your hands dirty. Abi suggests adorning a length of painted wood, a length of the foraged branch, or both with fairy lights, ribbons, and other ornaments for a creative twist. A versatile Christmas decoration, this “may be hung from walls, ceilings, or doors.”

It’s time to start planning your outside Christmas lighting to create the perfect holiday ambiance. Nadia suggests using contrasting prints like polka dots, stripes, animal prints, florals, and gingham in the décor. When mixing and matching patterns, it’s best to keep the number of colors in your palette to a minimum—three or four. The flash of gold provides a welcome contrast to the deeper tones of red and green.

According to Mindthegap’s founder and creative director Stefan Ormenisan, “Christmas is a time to embrace this warm, friendly, and joyous trend” (opens in new tab). The author writes, “We choose merrily decked Christmas trees, bold and eclectic patterns, embroidered textiles, and layered design; from fringed table lamps to fabric, tassel-trimmed pendant lights, elaborately embellished cushions, statement furniture, and flamboyant wallpapers.”


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